7 pm Monday Feb. 25, 2019 Federal Task Force Field Trip

A Federal Task Force Field Trip is scheduled with the Cobb Youth Museum on Monday, Feb. 25, at 7:00 pm at the museum, which is located at 649 Cheatham Hill Drive, Marietta, GA 30064. It is off Whitlock Avenue, west of downtown Marietta. The staff will walk us through the current exhibit, “America’s Pathways to Independence,” which includes exhibits on colonial Boston, the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention. The purpose of our trip is to gain an understanding of the educational experience being provided to students by the Cobb Youth Museum. This is a special museum tour exclusively for the Franklin Roundtable. Some of the docents will be on hand and in costume.

Please RSVP to Federal Task Force Chair Jim Jess at jimtjess@outlook.com


Alexander Hamilton

Federalist No. 21
“It is a singular advantage of taxes on articles of consumption that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. They prescribe their own limit, which cannot be exceeded without defeating the end purposed – that is, an extension of the revenue.”

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