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Dear fellow Georgian,


To the great detriment of our otherwise exemplary state, the last election cycle convinced far too many Georgians that our votes are being stolen or diluted by fraud, irregularities, a lack of training and transparency, partisanship, and human error.


The undersigned grassroots leaders met with Georgia legislators last week to communicate our priorities for restoring confidence in Georgia’s election process.


Please join our call for making Georgia’s elections more secure through a transparent process, while remaining fair and accessible by reading and then signing on to our open letter to state Republican legislators, attached below.


The letter outlines the state election-related bills we are supporting, and urging our state elected representatives to pass into law. Please join us by adding your name here.


PLEASE forward this email to your like-minded groups, friends, and neighbors in Georgia and ask them to do the same.


Deadline for signing on: 5 pm, ET, Monday, February 8.


Thank you in advance for joining us in this important effort.




February 5, 2021

The Honorable Butch Miller, President Pro-Tempore
The Honorable Mike Dugan, Senate Majority Leader
The Honorable Steve Gooch, Majority Whip
The Honorable John Kennedy, Majority Caucus Chair
The Honorable Larry Walker, Majority Caucus Vice Chair
Georgia State Senate
Atlanta, GA 30334

The Honorable Jan Jones, Speaker Pro-Tempore
The Honorable John Burns, House Majority Leader
The Honorable Trey Kelley, Majority Whip
The Honorable Matt Hatchett, Majority Caucus Chair
The Honorable Micah Gravley, Majority Caucus Vice-Chairman
The Honorable Barry Fleming Chair, Special Committee on Election Integrity
The Honorable Alan Powell, Vice Chair, Special Committee on Election Integrity
Georgia State House
Atlanta, GA 30334


Re: Grassroots Support For Election Integrity Bills

Dear Senators Miller, Dugan, Gooch, Kennedy, and Walker, and Representatives Jones, Burns, Kelley, Hatchett, Gravley, Fleming, and Powell:

The undersigned grassroots leaders and citizens of Georgia strongly support the following non-exhaustive list of election-related bills being considered by the General Assembly, and urge you to pass them:

Absentee Ballots (we use the term absentee ballot to also mean any form of mail-in ballot):

SB 67: Requires voter ID for absentee ballot applications
HB 227: Requires voter ID for absentee ballot applications
SB 68: Bans absentee ballot drop boxes
SB 71: Requires an excuse to vote absentee
SB 73: Limits the distribution of absentee ballot applications to certain election officials and candidates


SB 69: Ends automatic voter registration
SB 72: Mandates monthly updates to election officials of voters who have died
HB 228: Certain driver’s licenses and identification cards shall not be proper
identification for presentation to a poll worker; the term “BEARER NOT A U.S. CITIZEN — NOT VOTER ID” to be included on certain licenses, permits, and identification cards; DDS must participate in E-Verify

Voting and Elections:
SB 62: Name and designation of the precinct appears on every ballot
HB 62: Prohibits election officials from accepting or expending private funds; can only accept lawful appropriations of public funds or authorized fees
SB 74: Expands poll watcher access
HB 267: Requires first time voters do so in person if registered by mail
HB 270: Changes time periods for the mailing and issuance of absentee ballots

● We support the House Resolution sponsored by Representative Brad Thomas, opposing federal H.R. 1.
● We support House Resolution 56, proposing a state Constitutional Amendment to clarify that only citizens of the United States who are residents of this state shall have a right to vote in elections in this state

We strongly oppose:
● HB 113 provides for same day registration and voting
● SB 37 Elect the President of the United States by National Popular Vote

As the process continues to move forward in the Legislature, we will continue to track additional proposals and support those which will lead to a fair, accessible, and secure election system.

Thank you for your efforts to restore the integrity of Georgia’s elections, and for helping to restore Georgia voters’ confidence that every and only legal votes will count.



Carolyn Garcia
Corresponding Secretary, 11th
Congressional District Committee;
Poll Manager for November 2020 and
January 2021 Run-Off Elections;
Ballot Review Panels, 2020 and 2021

Lydia Hallmark
Corresponding Secretary,
Paulding County Republican Party;
Auditor / Counter for Paulding County Hand
Recount, Election 2020

Jim Jess
Franklin Roundtable

Jerry Kotyuk
Board Member Emeritus,
Franklin Roundtable;
Advisory Board Member,
Franklin Roundtable

Kerry Luedke
Cherokee County Republican Party

Katie Spee
Grassroots Board Member
Moms For Safe Neighborhoods

Ye Sun Wiltse
Second Vice President
Columbia County Republican Women



cc:The Honorable Senators Albers, Anavitarte, Anderson, Beach, Brass, Burker, Burns, Cowsert, Dolezal, Dixon, Ginn, Goodman, Harbin, Harper, Hatchett, Hickman, Hufstetler, Kirkpatrick, McNeill, Mullis, Payne, Robertson, Strickland, Summers, Thompson, Tippins, Walker, Watson


The Honorable Representatives Ballinger, Barr, Blackmon, Byrd, Camp, Carson, Cheokas, DeLoach, Dubnik, Dunaroo, Erhart, Gaines, Gambill, Gullett, Gunter, Hawkins, Leverett, Martin, Momtahan, Parsons, Rich, Setzler, Singleton, Smith, Thomas, Wade, Williams