BREAKING: Gwinnett Co. tries to hide CRT teaching




Reposted with permission of Insider Advantage. 

Editor’s note: Franklin Roundtable is supporting legislation to end Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Georgia. A bill introduced by Rep. Brad Thomas, HB 888, specifically targets CRT in K-12 public schools. HB 888, HB 1084 and SB 377 are all good CRT bills that are worthy of support. The General Assembly should send a bill with this policy approach to the Governor’s desk. Opponents of CRT legislation claim CRT is not taught in Georgia schools, but this article from Insider Advantage proves otherwise.

by  | Feb 1, 2022

InsiderAdvantage is collecting information from the Washington-based Heritage Action revealing that the Gwinnett County public school system–Georgia’s largest– admits to planning on teaching divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Marxist thought to students enrolled in an AP Language and AP Research Combination Class.

In an audit syllabus obtained by the group, the Gwinnett district remarked that “Students will bridge the skills from AP Language to AP Research, analyzing the value of using different lenses in social criticism (Critical Race Theory, Feminist, Marxist, Psychoanalytic) to aid their analysis across issues, and the class will discuss how these perspectives apply to the different methods used by research fields.”

The syllabus was originally found by Heritage Action here but was subsequently and recently removed from the school district’s website when exposed. However, it can still be viewed here.

In a statement first published by The Federalist, Heritage Action’s Executive Director Jessica Anderson says, “This is a clear admission of guilt from Gwinnett County Public Schools… Heritage Action staff uncovered an audit syllabus hosted on the GCPS website clearly stating teachers intended to teach AP Language students to analyze texts through the lens of critical race theory — soon after, the document was scrubbed from the site. Heritage Action is now submitting an open records request for all public documents and emails relating to why the syllabus was removed from the website and all documents containing the phrase ‘Critical Race Theory.’”

The Gwinnett school system’s attempt to hide a left-wing agenda from public view comes after state Rep. Brad Thomas introduced a bill that would ban CRT and other racially divisive philosophies in public schools.

Among various accusations, CRT curriculum claims the USA was founded on “white supremacy” and that preserving slavery was the driving force behind the 1776 American revolution.

Anderson supports Thomas’s bill, saying, “HB 888 would require curriculum transparency, a commonsense tool that gives parents the ability to oversee their children’s education, and prevent state-sanctioned discrimination. The tenets of Critical Race Theory, which divide students and Georgians on the basis of race, have no place in the classrooms of Georgia’s public schools.”

The Federalist also reports on radical tweets and a book by the Gwinnett School Board chairwoman that Georgia’s mainstream media ignores:

“Tarece Johnson, the chairwoman of the Gwinnett County Board of Education, has publicly endorsed CRT and openly displayed her hatred of white children. In one Facebook post, Johnson remarked that “there’s a killer cop sitting in every school where White children learn.”

As this is written, the Gwinnett County school system has not responded to the CRT discovery.