Videos/Pictures – Why the Trains We Love Aren’t The Transportation We Need

In Search of Liberty

A 96-minute entertaining and humorous, yet serious film about the importance of understanding the Constitution


Congressional testimony by Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson on 6/4/2013. Although this is several years old, her testimony is SO POWERFUL, it is important to review it. We must always remember where the government’s responsibility begins and where it ends!  I am a born-free, American woman…

Video by State Senator Josh McKoon on Why we need Religious Liberty Protection in Georgia

Video by Ryan T. Anderson of The Heritage Foundation on Tolerance and Religious Freedom (10 minutes) Learn about Principled Tolerance vs Pragmatic Tolerance.

Our Vice Chair Jim Jess recorded a video that describes the difference between a “Republic or Democracy” (10:03)

“Gold Dome 2017 Preview” videos from our Georgia legislative solutions event November 12, 2016

Full video all 4 speakers 2:02:22 (Moderator, Joel Foster, Americans For Prosperity)

Michael Harden  State Director, Americans For Prosperity 28:29

Lennie Jarratt  Project Manager for School Reform, The Heartland Institute 23:25

Jonathan Williams  Vice President, Center for State Fiscal Reform, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)  26:44

Kelly McCutchen  President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation  27:18


Our Vice Chair Jim Jess recorded a video about something called the National Popular Vote (NPV). NPV would change the way we elect the President without passing a constitutional amendment. There were bills introduced in the legislature this year that would have Georgia “sign on” to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The Georgia Tea Party Board of Directors, with input from folks at our meetings, have taken a position to oppose the National Popular Vote. It’s a very bad idea that sounds good on the surface, but when you investigate and the consider the issue, you can see its flaws.

I developed a presentation about the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote

Full Presentation  (47 minutes)

5 separate videos   (same material) in shorter segments

This is not only an opportunity to share about an important issue, it is also an opportunity to educate citizens about our founding principles. Feel free to share this with family, friends and associates.

It is quite possible that NPV bills will be introduced again in the Georgia General Assembly in January. While this is not a typical national issue, if Georgia agrees to the compact, it would affect us all by inching our nation closer to putting the NPV Interstate Compact into effect. I explain in the video why this is not a desirable outcome.

For those who missed the Bill Whittle event on June 13, 2015, or just want to relive the moment, a 1h:27m video of most of the event is available at:

J.D. Van Brink gave an overview of The Simple Tax June 13, 2015.

For those who wish to view a Video of “An Evening with Alveda King: Facing Threats to Religious Liberty” August 20, 2015   Total video 1h:12m:55s





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