Show Support for Legislators who Support Election Integrity



The Georgia House and Georgia Senate have both passed

strong election integrity bills, HB 531 and SB 241.

On Wednesday, members of the House Special Committee on Election Integrity released SB 202, a unified package combining many of those excellent reforms into one bill.

The bill must be passed by both the House and Senate by the end of the current legislative session on March 31 before it can head to Gov. Kemp’s desk in order to be signed into law.

Please CALL your state legislators and thank them if they are supporting this legislation.

(see below for who to call)

Votes on the final bill could happen as early as Monday.

SB 202 includes the following excellent reforms and should be passed into law:

1. Verifying the accuracy of voter registration lists.

2. Prohibiting private funding of election officials and government agencies, which can lead to partisan election offices and corruption.

3. Requiring voter ID verification for absentee voting, adding security over subjective signature matching.

4. Protecting absentee ballots by banning automatic mailing of absentee ballots or absentee ballot request forms to all voters.

5. Preventing interference with absentee ballots by limiting those who can return an absentee ballot on behalf of others.

6. Ensuring drop boxes are located at government buildings and under supervision to protect against tampering with ballots that are dropped off.

7. Printing ballots on security paper to authenticate the validity of a ballot.

8. Increasing transparency by allowing election observers complete access to the election process.

9. Ensuring the counting of ballots continues without pause until all votes have been tabulated.

10. Provides State Legislature with oversight of consent agreements, settlements, and consent orders proposed by the State Election Board or Secretary of State.

The Left is going to do everything they can to try to stop this bill. It is CRUCIAL that members of the General Assembly feel your support for securing our elections and getting this reform package across the finish line!

The Left is trying to influence those who have supported election integrity to jump ship and abandon the cause.

We need to show them we support their efforts and that we have their backs.

Call and / or email the following state legislators to thank them for what they are doing to restore integrity to Georgia’s elections, and urge them to support SB 202:

Rep. Barry Fleming, Chair, Special Committee
[email protected]

Rep. Alan Powell, Vice Chair, Special Committee
[email protected]

Sen. Max Burns, Chair, Ethics Committee

(404) 656-7586
[email protected]

Sen. Dean Burke, Vice Chair, Ethics Committee
(404) 656-0040
[email protected]

Rep. David Ralston, Speaker of the House
(404) 656-5020
[email protected]

Rep, Jan Jones, Speaker Pro Tempore
[email protected]

Sen. Butch Miller, President Pro-Tempore
(404) 656-6578
[email protected]

Sen. Mike Dugan, Majority Leader
(404) 656-7872
[email protected]

Your own state Senator:

Your own state Representative:

Thank you for your help and commitment to honest and fair elections in Georgia.