Franklin Roundtable State Legislative Priorities

Each year, Franklin Roundtable’s Board of Directors identifies key issues that we bring to the attention to members of the Georgia General Assembly. This year, we have identified 8 key issues. These issues are ones we believe have a chance of being passed into law, or issues that are not given much attention that we want to bring to the attention of our state senators and representatives under the Gold Dome. One other issue emerged after we drafted our list. That is the issue of Constitutional Carry. Gov. Kemp has indicated he will sign a bill to allow citizens in Georgia to carry a firearm with first getting a carry permit. If you care about this issue, or any of the issues below, please contact your state legislator and ask them to support these measures.

We have distributed a paper copy of these priorities to each state senator and state representative. But if you contact your elected officials directly, that will have even greater impact.

Legislative Priorities

2022 Georgia General Assembly

  1. Support legislation to make certain that K-12 students are not taught racially divisive ideologies in our schools, including Critical Race Theory and other destructive political doctrines. Students should be taught all aspects of U.S. history, including the good and bad in our nation’s past. But just as importantly, students should learn our nation’s founding principles of individual freedom, love for our nation and how to conduct themselves as responsible citizens. 
  1. Support a full and independent forensic audit of the 2020 election, including a full examination of the Dominion voting system. A complete accounting of what occurred is needed to determine if legal actions or additional legislation are warranted. It is absolutely critical that elections in Georgia are guaranteed to be safe, secure and accurate. 
  1. Support efforts to reform Georgia’s tax system by reducing or eliminating the personal income tax and corporate income tax and shifting the tax burden to a consumption tax. 
  1. Support legislation to clearly identify drivers’ licenses of non-citizens so these IDs cannot be used to vote or register to vote, and to make certain that only U.S. citizens cast votes in Georgia elections. HB 228 is one example of such legislation. 
  1. Support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to restore the free exercise of religion in Georgia. Support bills that place federal RFRA language into Georgia law. 
  1. Eliminate or Reform Certificate of Need (CON) to expand access to health care services in Georgia. CON stifles free-market competition and limits access to health care services. It needs to be reformed or eliminated. Oppose actions of the hospital lobby to destroy free markets and pick winners and losers in the health care sector.
  1. Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture laws to uphold constitutional principles of due process of law and personal property rights. 
  1. Oppose Casino Gambling, Racetrack Betting and other forms of state-regulated monopoly gambling.


Feel free to share these priorities personally with your elected state senator and representative. You can find your your public officials HERE.

If you would like to print a copy of these priorities, you can download a PDF HERE.


Franklin Roundtable, based in Marietta, is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization focused on education and advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. We work with coalition partners and constitutional conservatives from around the state to impact public policy.