Capitalists versus Collectivists

By Bruce R. Duncil

Photo by Derek Jensen (Tysto), 2004-September-26

Capitalists provide for themselves and by doing so provide for others, expressing generosity. Collectivists steal from some to give to others so as to appear philanthropic.

Capitalists restrict government to protect individual rights. Collectivists build government to eliminate rights and rule individuals.

Capitalists save money to invest to create wealth. Collectivists envy wealth and destroy savings which eliminates investment.

Capitalists build production to increase goods and services available for all. Collectivists build government to regulate production and restrict distribution.

Capitalists allow customers to set prices and determine market winners and losers. Collectivists use government to manipulate the market to benefit friends and punish enemies.

Capitalists raise individuals to become victors who earn their compensation. Collectivists reduce individuals to victims looking to others to get them their compensation.

Capitalists set individuals free to work their way into financial independence. Collectivists encourage individuals to stop working and become fully dependent on others.

Capitalists allow individuals to act as the market to regulate prices, wages, supply and demand. Collectivists use government to set prices and wages, strangling supply and increasing demand.

Capitalists permit people to determine through the market what is bought and sold. Collectivists empower government to determine what they will permit people to buy and sell.

Capitalists increase the production of goods and services which increases jobs. Collectivists tax and confiscate production to raise prices which eliminates jobs.

Capitalists increase competition which spreads wealth across the market to the many. Collectivists use government to eliminate competition and concentrate wealth to a few.

Capitalists use sound money as a medium to exchange value. Collectivists eliminate value in the money and turn it into debt.

Capitalists equilibrate supply and demand to grow abundance. Collectivists grow government to regulate supply and demand to generate scarcity.

Capitalists invest money they make. Collectivists confiscate or counterfeit money they reallocate.

Capitalists depend on sound money which precludes inflation. Collectivists depend on government to debase money to inflate prices.

Capitalists let people decide what they buy which opens up markets. Collectivists decide what people cannot buy which creates black markets.

Capitalists depend on free markets to keep the peace and on peace to keep markets free. Collectivists depend on government guns to manipulate markets which makes war.

Capitalists establish fair market wages which increases employment opportunities. Collectivists dictate unrealistic wages which results in chronic unemployment.

Capitalists generate production which exceeds consumption leading to perpetual surplus. Collectivists generate consumption which exceeds production leading to chronic deficits.

Capitalists save and invest their way to real prosperity. Collectivists destroy savings and spend their way to abject poverty.

Capitalists take personal responsibility and bear consequences for their actions. Collectivists refuse personal responsibility and pass blame and consequences to others.

Capitalists generate income which pays taxes to fund the common good. Collectivists use the common good as an excuse to tax individuals of their income.

Capitalists accumulate private property which makes a poor man rich. Collectivists use taxes and laws to confiscate private property which makes a rich man poor.

Capitalists work as entrepreneurs and inventors to solve problems. Collectivists intervene as referees which exacerbates problems to justify more intervention.

Capitalists rise by using their strengths with equal opportunity to reach different outcomes. Collectivists sink to using weakness to differentiate opportunities to equalize outcomes.

Capitalists build knowing that bounty is a blessing. Collectivists destroy preaching that dearth is a virtue.

Capitalists free the slaves. Collectivists enslave the free.

Bruce R. Duncil is a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, veteran and former business owner. His study of history, economics, political science, and Biblical theology has given him a unique perspective to write and speak on current events and prophecy. He lives with his wife in Dawson County.