Oppose the Transit Tax: Contact Your Mayor

Franklin Roundtable is opposing the plan by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners to place a Transit Tax on the ballot in November 2024. We are working with a coalition of like-minded organizations to oppose this action. One way to push back against the Transit Tax plan is to contact the mayors of the cities in Cobb County and urge them to oppose the placing of this wasteful, unnecessary tax on the ballot.

Below is a message from the Cobb Taxpayers Association about how to engage with your mayor to oppose the Transit Tax. Please take a look at this, and, if you live in one of the cities in Cobb County, reach out to you mayor and make your voice heard.

From Cobb Taxpayers Association


If you live in the following incorporated cities of Cobb County, it is critical that you write and call your mayor and ask him to oppose the Transit Tax — or what proponents prefer to call the Mobility SPLOST. The Board of Commissioners Chairwoman, Lisa Cupid, along with the Chamber, the Atlanta Regional Commission, MARTA, an army of consultants paid for on your dime and mass transit zealots are trying to foist this tax on you, the taxpayer. Tell them in polite, but no uncertain terms, that the imposition of this tax:

  • will not improve mobility, but will make it worse;
  • will impose an unwarranted additional tax burden on its citizens;
  • will increase crime;
  • that if it passes, it will reduce the chances of future SPLOSTs being passed which could be dedicated to meeting the real transportation needs of your city;
  • and that it will permanently alter the suburban lifestyle and quality of life which led you to live in your city in the first place.

The Cobb Taxpayers Association (CTA) has good reason to believe that without mayoral support, the chances of passage of the tax would be greatly reduced. When you send your letter, please forward a copy to [email protected], and feel free to share this communication to any lists that are available to you.

The mayor’s names, phone numbers and email addresses are as follows:

Our thanks in advance for taking action on this important issue.

Taxfully yours,

Lance Lamberton, Chairman

Cobb Taxpayers Association